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Nimbin Comics: Volume1 Nimbin Comics: Volume1

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Hrm...Remember me?

Although Im not a HUGE fan of your type of humour I can appreciate this, cause I'm an aussie anime fan. I bet most of the non aussie crowd will get confused by the 'tomatoe sauce' being what they call 'ketchup'.

I like where youve taken this...Id so challenge you to the quick draw

I too, am learning the sting of of employment...and here I am just getting to the point where I wanna start submitting stuff too T_T

Remember me? Im trixens friend, whom introduced us and we kinda didnt see eye to eye.

Gerkinman responds:

I also doubt alot of people will get the Tomato Sauce Ketchup joke, but its also a reference to The Ultimate Asparagus which is an earlier cartoon of mine. I do sort of vaguely remember you o.0

Thanks for the review ^^